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Wine pairings for a happily disorganised home

If there is one thing I have learned over the past few years of parenting, it's that the small annoyances, aggravations and worries that come with it are immeasurably more tolerable on the occasions where I have indulged in a glass or two of wine. I have more fun with the kids because I'm more relaxed and less worried about the mess they are creating. Also, let's face it, wine is delicious. Here are my recommendations...

Wine pairings and thriving in a disorganised home

German Riesling

White Rabbit Riesling wine bottle

Don't get me wrong, I am The Unorganised Mum but I TRY to have the ambition of having everything perfectly tidy and clean. In reality, nothing has to be perfect. Some areas of our house are clean, tidy and looking very well looked after and then there's a few cupboards of doom and drawers so packed that they've been abandoned, never to be opened again.

This smooth German Riesling is from the Rheinhessen region and is perfectly paired with the unenviable journey to the depths of the darkest cupboard to retrieve your darling daughter's rollerskates that she hasn't used in months but definitely needs RIGHT NOW.

White Rabbit Riesling

Stellenbosch Merlot

Vergelegen Reserve Merlot wine bottle

You know that excruciating feeling as you walk barefoot through your house, on the way to or from a task you probably don't want to do, when you step on a rogue piece of lego or duplo or toy car? Well this is where a bold South African Merlot from the Stellenbosch region will see you through. This wine from Vergelegen is on the dry side, with notes of oak, plum and leather.

Best drank after you've popped your slippers back on to avoid further injuries and aired for a while to open up the depth of flavour in this bottle.

Vergelegen Reserve Merlot 2016

Vouvray Chenin Blanc

Les Coteaux Tufiers Demi-Sec wine bottle

I am fully on board with how beneficial a truly well-organised home must be. Fantasies of never misplacing anything and perfectly behaved children who tidy up after themselves and are endlessly grateful for everything I do for them (the lack of gratitude stinks right?). I would never run into the situation where I return home from the supermarket with turmeric (that we definitely need) for a recipe for that weekend only to have 4 opened boxes and jars of turmeric falling out of the pantry cupboard, spilling their half empty contents on top of me and my 2 year old who then proceeds to spread turmeric around the house at speeds to rival Usain Bolt.

This Chenin Blanc from 2021 from Vouvray in the Loire Valley is excellent value and will take the sting out of removing orange turmeric stains from your favourite suede handbag.

Les Coteaux Tufiers Demi-Sec

Malborough Sauvignon Blanc

Orchard Lane Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc wine bottle

Now I don't condone drinking pre-9am, but this Sauvignon Blanc would be a great 'recovery' wine for later in the day after the adrenaline rush of those high pressure mornings trying to get everybody up, ready and out of the door to arrive at nursery, school and work on time. For some reason only Mum knows where the clothes are, can brush hair, supervise teeth brushing, pour breakfast cereal and answer delightful 5 year old questions like 'what's the biggest bubble you've ever seen?' or 'why isn't the dog talking to me anymore?' (we don't have a dog).

I don't subscribe to buying wine because the label is pretty, but this one really is. Dry and light, this New Zealand wine is sure to inspire you to keep on going, get up and do it all over again the next day!

Orchard Lane Sauvignon Blanc

Australian Shiraz

Cranswick South Australian Shiraz wine bottle

One of my least favourite tasks since becoming a parent is one that hadn't ever crossed my mind pre-children as something that needed to be done on a fairly regular basis. Clearing out wardrobes and drawers of too-small clothes, packing them away for my youngest to grow into eventually or sorting them out to split between friends/family and charity shop donations. Then spending eye watering amounts of money on the next size of clothes and shoes, putting them all away and within days they are scuffed, muddied and needing holes mended (thank goodness for Grandma). The cycle continues.

This South Australian Shiraz from 2019 is punchy and would accompany a lovely family roast dinner after sorting through the bi-annual (if you're lucky) clothing clear out.

Cranswick Shiraz

Sussex Sparkling

Nyetimber Classic Cuvee English Sparkling wine bottle

Finishing off with my favourite, a sparkling wine to celebrate the best moments in our happily disorganised home. No matter how chaotic life is with a young family, juggling work with spending time together and keeping everyone clean and fed, it is freeing to let go of the small things. I force shut that cupboard (well, most of the time), do the sweeping kick of toys into the corner after bedtime and leave sorting out bags and lunches for tomorrow's adrenaline fueled school run.

We have a system - do what you can. If it looks like someone else is doing it all, they probably have some serious help in the background. I don't have the stamina to keep up but Nyetimber gives me a pep in my step and brings back many happy memories.

Nyetimber Classic Cuvee

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